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So day 55 hour 19 59th minuet and 50th second of lockdown... how is yours going? has anyone been learning anything new? During the lockdown, I decided to try and find different things to learn, a couple of weeks back I bought a shellac machine... what a buy this was for me having good nails in lockdown is a MUST for me. I have also been trying to learn how to DJ, this is something where you need to have patience and a GOOD teacher luckily I have one of those and it's not the patience. DJ-ing is such a talent skill to have, so apart from becoming a nail tach and a DJ I have also become a teacher.

Has anyone else been zoom homeschooling? this is such a challenging thing to do, trying to engage young people to do work when they know they're off school for a while is very hard. I am helping my youngest nephew, what I have learnt is try not to teach in the 'traditional' way because i didn't get very far at all. Another thing I learnt was to start with the subject they hate and make it fun for them, my nephew hated maths with a passion at the start of the week... after the lesson we had he told me he liked it and didn't mind if we done more. Trying to get him engaged everyday is a lot harder, finding ways to make it fun is a lot harder but the information that they are learning will stick with them because they are up for learning which is worth it in the end.

One project you can do with them is get involved in our competition with Screenlife, this is a team or solo competition it will get your mind working in ways it has never worked before, go to our page and see the competition we have up you could have the chance to win £1000 and your project produced by Bazelevs, to get involved go to any of our social media or our website!

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